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West Port ensure that the coils and sheets that we supply conform to the correct international standards because we value our customer satisfaction as well as their safety. All the products that we deliver can support the maximum load specified.

Coils and sheets

A steel coil is a sheet metal that is packed in the form of a coil after rolling. Coils are classified based on the manner in which they are produced. Forming the sheets into coil make them easy to be processed and transported.

Manufacturing of coils and sheets

The raw material for producing a hot-roll is known as slab, the slab is heated by a roughing mill and finishing mill. After the production process, the sheets are cooled by laminar flow to a particular temperature and then rolled into a coil using a roller.

The most common method of producing galvanized steel is by the hot-dip method. In this process, the carbon steel is put into a bath containing molten zinc at around 680 degree Fahrenheit. When the material is removed from the bath, the zinc forms a bond with the steel. Galvanized Iron steel can also be produced by the electro-galvanizing process.


Types of coils:


HR coils & Sheets

HR coils are Hot Rolled coils. They are made by rolling steel continuously at temperatures above 1000 degree Fahrenheit.

Hot Rolled coils are most commonly used for making pipes, although they can be used industrially for constructing tanks, frames of bicycles, body parts of vehicles and other engineering equipments.



Grade S235JR, S275JR, S355JO, S355J2,Grade 50, Q235B, Q345B
Thickness 1.0mm-25mm
width 600mm-2000mm
Initial diameter 508/610mm



GI coils & Sheets

GI coils are described as carbon steel coated with zinc. They can also be called Galvanized Iron coils because the process of adding zinc is called galvanizing. Galvanizing is one of the best and cheapest ways of ensure that steel is corrosion resistant. Zinc becomes oxidized so that the steel underneath can remain protected.

GI coils are used in the fabrication of bodies of truck, automobile wheels, water heaters door, roofing and furniture.


Zinc coating 40-275g/m2
Thickness 0.3-4.0mm
Width 600-1250mm
Hardness Soft(normal),hard, full hard(G300-G550)


West Port have in stock different types of hot-rolled and galvanized-iron coils for use in the construction, automobile and machine-building industries. We are a reputable brand with a high customer satisfaction rate. So reach out to us and have your steel products delivered anywhere in the UAE or MENA region.

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