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Cable Ladders

West Port Middle East is one of the leading Cable management companies in UAE. They are a leading manufactures of Cable Ladders and cable trays suited for heavy duty cable. It helps to maintain long lengths of cable and the fitting used.

West Port Middle East produces cable ladders by keeping in mind the required standard specifications and safety controls to be installed into the system. They are quite well known the strength and durability of the cable ladders.

Specification of Cable Ladders in UAE

Cable Ladders in UAE manufactured by West Port Middle East are built under custom engineered specifications that ensures that cable ladders save the cable from any damages. Generally, the cable ladders in UAE are built to 4m length, 150mm rail height and 119mm spacing for cables. But, in market the cable management systems specify the length of cable tray from 3m upto 6m as per the demand from the buyers. Cable Ladder at West Port Middle East are hot dip and deep galvanized to make sure that cable ladders are stainless steel.

Uses of Cable Ladder UAE

  • Cable Ladders protects the long length wire that gets damaged by water, dust and other objects falling on them.
  • Cable ladders are designed in such a way that they can be detached when not needed and can be easily moved from one location to other.
  • Cable ladders secure any type of wiring and one doesn’t loose track of the direction in which wires are connected.

Cable Ladders are capable of accommodating length of wires up to 4mm with a cable spacing of 119 mm. Westport ME is capable of supplying these strong and reliable cable ladders to developers and contractors in UAE and entire GCC region,

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