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Cable Trunking

Cable Trunking UAE – GI Pipe & GI Trunking

A cable trunk is transmission channel between 2 different wires and one of these wires act as a node or switch for entire wiring system. The cable Trunk manufactured by West Post Middle East is produced under the guidelines of BS 4678 Part-1 to make sure they are high-quality products.

Cable trunking systems are available in various types in the market to make sure that there is no issue arises due to messy cables. The trunking of cable has reduced the time spent on giving out connections to various clients from one single wire line. The trunking systems available for GI Pipes are generally of 3 types:

  • 90-degree bend
  • 45-degree bend
  • Tee Trunks

Apart from the above mention cable trunks, there are few other types as well

1. Weather Proof Cable Trunking in UAE

Mostly protects the cables from dust and water. These cable trunks are designed in an outward flange. To ensure the tight sealing they are fit with gasket

2. Service Outlet Cable Trunking in UAE

These types of cable trunks are used when 3-4 compartments are needed to fit the cables without mixing them

3. Raised Roof Cable Trunking in UAE

When there is need for flexibility these types of cable trunks are manufactured.

GI Cable Trunking UAE Specification

In order to fabricate the GI pipes, West Port Middle East uses hot dip galvanized steel or pre-galvanized steel as per the specification is given in BS EN 10142. The GI Trunking is coated with epoxy-polyester powder to color it. The trunking system is fitted with an aluminum tray for cables to rest on.

GI Trunking system includes turnbuckle that helps to fix the lid for trunking systems. The cable trunking system is provided with gusseted construction and integral couple to ensure the cables are provided with the smooth place for turns.

The Cable trunk UAE produced and manufactured by West Port Middle East are state of the art and lacks any defects. Westport also is a trader and supplier of other cable management system products

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